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Enrolling at our practice allows us to offer you a reduction in the fee charged to see the Doctor. The system is such that it can take up to 1 month for your enrolment to be processed by the Ministry of Health. Once your enrolment has been accepted, the Government pays a subsidy for your care to our practice. We pass that on to you in the way of reduced fees. It is important to remember that the reduced fee is applicable to your standard 15 minute visits to our practice only and not to any other medical or accident and emergency centre.

Enrolment allows us to offer personalised services particular to your needs, such as recalls for blood tests, screening checks, blood pressure and weight checks and for children, their immunisations. Enrolment also offers you the chance to be proactive with your health and gives you the opportunity to develop a good relationship with our Doctors and Nurses.

Enrolment is available to eligible patients only. For a list of eligibility criteria please see the back of the Enrolment form.

Downloads forms below . Once completed either drop them in or email to 

We require a copy of a form of identification in addition to sighting original. i.e.: Passport or driver's license. We also require a copy of visas’, work permits, and visitors visas.