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Request a Repeat Prescription

A repeat prescription is more than just a click of button!

A prescription is a legal document. To issue a prescription, a prescribing clinician needs to check that your prescription meets the requirements of the Medical Council and Medicines Controls Act. Prescribers can legally only roll over a prescription a certain number of times, depending on the condition, how stable it is, the type of medication, and best practice protocols.

Despite what you may think, a prescribing clinician needs to do a thorough review before they can issue a repeat prescription. This includes a review of your records of your last medical review with the medicines requested, your blood tests and other monitoring, were there any changes to your medications by other providers at the hospital or private clinics, whether the timing of the prescription is appropriate especially with controlled drugs, how complaint are you with taking your meds and review the reason you may be requesting a medication that has not been prescribed for a while.

It is important to realise that it is not necessarily the GP that you registered with, that may provide your prescription. If your regular prescriber is away, the doctor that is sorting the prescriptions may not know you and therefore needs to review your records in even greater detail.

Repeat prescriptions for regular medications may be given at the doctor's discretion if your condition is stable and you have seen the doctor within a reasonable time

Please complete the request form providing as much detail as possible including medication name and exact dose.  All requests will be processed during clinic hours. If approved your repeat script will be sent to your choice of pharmacy or be ready for collection from reception, 72 hours after we receive the request. There will be a delay over weekends and public holidays.

. All repeat prescriptions, whether collected or sent electronically incurs a $25 charge and must be paid at collection or with 7 days of the electronic script. 

If you require an urgent same day prescription an extra fee of $10 will be charged.

Please see our policy on Email Repeat Prescriptions. 

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