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For emergencies please dial 111


We deliver a full range of healthcare services. When you are registered to one of our GPs, you will get personalized care from them. This means you will have a doctor who knows you and your family's medical history, and who you can feel confident with. We are committed to provide high quality health care by providing professional, culturally-safe and patient orientated environment.

General Service

Our doctors provide a full range of general practice consultations. We allocate 15 minutes for consultations which is generally enough time to consult on one major or two minor issues. If you have a number of complex issues, you will need to book a double appointment.

Minor Accident Care

We provide assistance for most minor injuries and accidents. Our nurses provide telephone advice, work closely with our doctors in all aspects of patient care, and are skilled in wound care management, removal of stitches and staples following surgery, monitoring and treating skin injuries,

Well Child Care

Our team is experienced with children and their particular needs. We offer a full range of preventative and acute treatment options for children and are always happy to discuss anything that worries you and provide resources to support you and
your family.

Minor Surgery

Our doctors offer Minor Surgery, which is carried out in our dedicated procedure room. Costs will vary, so please talk to your Doctor about your procedure first. Services include biopsy of suspicious lesions, removal of benign moles and skin tags and ingrown toenail surgery.

Well-Person Health Screening

This service will provide you with a consultation as well as discussing such things as family history, nutrition, and general well being.

Chronic Conditions

There are a great number of chronic conditions including Asthma, Diabetes and Hypertension. We have structured clinical pathways to help you achieve the best outcome for your condition. 

Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

As part of a national and PHO initiative to try to prevent heart disease our team offer CVRA checks to our enrolled patients.  


Immunisation has led to the decline of many lethal diseases. Reactions to immunisation are increasingly extremely rare following improvements in vaccine research and production.

Womens Health

We offer contraception clinics including Mirena & Jadelle insertion, smears, and have weekly menopause clinic. 


This tool is used to assess damage caused by conditions like COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease a group that includes Bronchitis and Emphysema), Pulmonary Fibrosis, Cystic Fibrosis and Asthma.

Skin Cancers

It is important not to ignore any new or changing moles or skin problems. Our doctors have a special interest in skin cancer and skin cancer surgery. We offer skin diagnostic services, surgery for skin blemishes and moles, lesions, as well as other minor surgery under local anaesthetic.


Our team is also able to provide  medicals for driving, diving, medical Insurance & pre employment. Waka Kotahi (NZTA) requires renewal of driving licences when you turn 75, 80, and every 2 years thereafter. We offer drivers medical for all ages A longer appointment and full fee is applicable 

Smoking Cessation

Smoking causes damage throughout the body and is a leading cause of heart attacks  & strokes or heart disease, Stopping smoking has benefits to almost every aspect of your health. Please speak to one of our trained nurses to start you journey to being smoke-free.

Travel Advice

Planning your travel abroad must include a health consult . We need  to know you are going, accommodation & activities while you are there, to offer you the best advice and travel vaccines. 

Cosmetic Medicine

Our Dr Kirshni is one of the pioneers in this growing field of medicine for the last 18 years. She provides these services at Jeunesse MedSpa which was the first clinic to be fully accredited by New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine.